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What to know before buying your first cross country ski set up

     When people ask me about cross country skiing, I say things like, “It’s the most fun way I can wear myself out.” and “If I didn’t ski, I’d probably be affected by seasonal depression.” This year, winter looks different and people are flocking to accessible outdoor activity, just like they did this summer. I’ve had a lot of friends inquire about xc skiing and so I thought I’d post some helpful information. First thing first, It is important to know that no one is good at xc skiing, you just learn to suck less over time. (there are exceptions to this rule, like if your last name is Chase). I should also state that I am by no means an expert on xc gear.       When searching for the perfect xc ski, the most important thing to look for is skis with scales. Scales refers to the fish scale like texture on the underfoot of your ski that prevents the ski from sliding backwards. Scales also slow you down going forward, which is why you will not find them on traditional skate skis or alpine

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